Ready to take control of your business’s future?

With a few simple steps, you can ensure your business is on a solid legal foundation so you can go back to the parts of your business that you love.

I’m an attorney and a blogger, content creator, and service provider, which means I truly understand what your online business truly needs as well as how to properly establish and protect it. I’ve created a suite of legal templates that will help you cover yourself and your business assets in minutes.

Does this sound familiar?

You are so busy running your business that you cannot possibly fathom adding anything else to your plate, least of all “Head of Legal”….

You know you need to do certain things to properly and legally run your business, but you just don’t know where to start….

Every time you go to set up your blog’s legal pages, you get overwhelmed and quit….

You went to another blogger’s legal pages and copied them, but you’re not actually sure where they got them, if they are accurate, when they were last updated, or if they cover your situation completely…

You really wish there was a way to cover your assets quickly, inexpensively, and accurately….

well, you are in the right place!

Why are DYB Legal Templates Different from Others?

and why they’re right for you…

Others break each part of the different pages into individual products to sell more or make you think you’re getting bigger/more bonuses. I include everything you need up front in one product.


These templates cover the legal bases without overloading you with legal jargon.


These templates come with explanations–what does each section mean and what are your options.

“These templates saved me so much time and money!”



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Let’s get down to business

Here is what I offer…

(DON’T MISS the course details and offer at the bottom)

Own and operate a website?

Website Legal Templates Bundle

If you have a website, there are several legal requirements you MUST address on your website as well as several things that I would absolutely never have a website without. I’ve packaged templates for your legally required disclaimers/disclosures and privacy policy pages with a terms and conditions page template that will help you effectively and legally operate your business.

collaborate with brands?

Influencer Collaboration Contract Template

This contract is crafted with the influencer in mind so that both the brand and the content creator are taken care of in a mutually beneficial agreement. Plus, I explain what each section means so you can decide what to include.

dealing with copycats?

Copyright Legal Templates Bundle

What should you do if someone is using your content without your permission? This bundle explains the process and includes templates for the legal notices and forms you will need.

Coming soon

Navigating the Legal Landscape Course

The Legal Playbook for Small Business Owners, including Coaches, Bloggers, Content Creators, Service Providers, & Influencers

In October 2023, I compiled years of education and experience in this industry (with some additional research thanks to a July 2023 update to FTC guidelines) to deliver this live course at The Achieve Conference in Waco, Texas. It was so well received that I decided to take the feedback, add more content (because I no longer had to fit it into a tight schedule), and create this course. I’m currently in the middle of refining the course while I teach a small group live, and then I will be releasing it for sale early this Spring.

This course is designed to get bloggers, content creators, and influencers up to speed on the legal requirements for operating in this industry as well as how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes I see people making.

Here is what we’ll cover…

Module one

Legal Business Entity Formation

I’ll explain why you need to form a legal business entity, the types of entities typically available in each state, the benefits and requirements of LLCs, the liability and tax implications, and the procedure for creating and maintaining the chosen entity.

Module Two


What is it, when does it apply, do you need to register it and how, what does it mean when someone is copying your content? We’ll get into all of that plus go over the process for dealing with copyright infringement from beginning to end.

Module Three

FTC Regulations

Do you have to disclose that you were gifted a product or paid for a sponsored post? Is including #ad sufficient for the required disclosures? (HINT: not anymore). We’ll discuss all of the Ws: What? Where? Why? and How? plus we’ll cover the latest changes made to the FTC guidelines that can dramatically impact influencers and bloggers alike.

Module four

Legal Pages

There is information you are legally required to have on a website you operate and some terms that are just good business practice. We’ll go over what’s required, what can help you avoid significant legal liability in the future, and how to ensure you stay up to date with the legal requirements.

Module five


We’ll cover why you really MUST have a contract when working with partners and brands, what to look for in your contracts, how to negotiate the terms, and how what you can charge for in each relationship.

The correct application of any law is dependent on the specific facts and jurisdiction of the situation. Therefore, the information I provide can serve only as a foundation of the information and education necessary to understand any legal matter. It CANNOT serve as legal advice for your specific situation. I am an attorney, but not YOUR attorney. I provide legal information and education, not legal advice or counsel. You must always consult your own attorney licensed in your jurisdiction, familiar with the specific facts of your case, for legal advice and never solely rely on information I provide. Unless we’ve discussed your situation at length and signed a legal contract outlining my representation in your case, there is no attorney client relationship created by any information or educational resources I provide.

Alicia Bordewyk

DYB Founder

Hi, I’m Alicia

I’m a licensed attorney, entrepreneur, blogger, and content creator. Here at Design of Your Business, I help creative entrepreneurs design the business of their dreams, making sure their websites and work product are well established and legally protected so they can safely focus on the parts of their business they enjoy most.