Welcome Small Business Owners!

As a small business owner, you are likely the CEO, head of marketing, lead product creator or service provider, social media manager, IT department, accountant, and admin. Oh, and by the way, you really need to make sure your business foundation is solid from a legal standpoint too. It’s a lot, trust me, I understand. The best advice I received at the start of my businesses is to learn where your joy and strengths are and hire out everything else as soon as you can.

I’m guessing one area most people could use this kind of help is with their business formation and legal foundation. That’s where Design of Your Business comes in! Let me take a few things off your plate so you can focus on what you enjoy.

Behind the business

Hi, I’m Alicia

I’m a licensed attorney, entrepreneur, and content creator and the woman behind Design of Your Business and Design of Your Life. Here at DYB, I help creative entrepreneurs design the business of their dreams, making sure their websites and work product are well established and legally protected so they can safely focus on the parts of their business they enjoy most. Beyond that, I provide up-to-date information about social media and blogging best practices to help you take your business to the next level.

How exactly did I become an entrepreneur and where did the idea for Design of Your Business come from? Well, that’s an interesting story….

What’s New?

I am starting a mastermind for bloggers and content creators. Find out all about it HERE!

The correct application of any law is dependent on the specific facts and jurisdiction of the situation. Therefore, the information I provide can serve only as a foundation of the information and education necessary to understand any legal matter. It CANNOT serve as legal advice for your specific situation. I am an attorney, but not YOUR attorney. I provide legal information and education, not legal advice or counsel. You must always consult your own attorney licensed in your jurisdiction, familiar with the specific facts of your case, for legal advice and never solely rely on information I provide. Unless we’ve discussed your situation at length and signed a legal contract outlining my representation in your case, there is no attorney client relationship created by any information or educational resources I provide.

Alicia Bordewyk

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